Shadow Wing Ranch


This is “Pixie'. She stands a whole 29.5 inches high. She may be the smallest around Shadow Wing Ranch, but she thinks she’s head of the herd. She is 17 years old and we’re told she pulls a cart and likes to jump.



This is “Toots”, a 6 year old miniature horse and has been deaf since birth. She LOVES people and is curious about many things…like sniffing a dog’s paw. We didn’t notice until we got home that she has a white marking that reminded us of a wing.



The Shadow Wing EAL program is a powerful journey of learning. Horses in this program are influential teaching partners that immediately respond to what participants will be doing. Quite simply, the horse does the teaching, the facilitator is here to offer an explanation and provide guidance to find a solution.

With every interaction, we will be sharing with you the love we have for these horses. We hope that you enjoy this journey of learning from these horses as much as we do. Just like people, all of our horses at Shadow Wing Ranch have different personalities and unique qualities, which we value and nurture in them. They are intuitive creatures that make them perfect for Equine Assisted Learning (EAL).  Through guided interactions, our horses provide feedback that encourages personal awareness and growth. At Shadow Wing Ranch, you do not have to be a “horse person” to benefit from spending time with a four-legged friend. Let’s meet the EAL team!


CJ is a 20 year old overo Paint with a larger than life personality. To say CJ loves people, young and old, would be an understatement. He is a one of a kind Paint horse that is a wonderful teacher. Interact with him, and you’ll understand why.

about the shadow wing horses

"Encouraging kids to thrive…one hoofbeat at a time”